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Koen Vermeule – Mirror me – Galerie Borzo

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Mirror Me, from 2 November 2013

Three characteristic elements link the subjects and themes of Koen Vermeule’s work: the everyday, the dramatic and the metaphysical. People in big cities feel isolated. They are coping with the simultanity of reading and listening, of the first and the third world and with the parallel world of the digital age.
In his images Vermeule gives expression to modern life: the relationship of the figure with the space, the drama hidden behind the prosaic, ” the miracle of the visible ” ( from Oskar Schlemmer, diary 1942, page 400 ) He conveys us to the wonderland that is invariably to be found in his immediate vicinity, confronts himself and the people around him with alienating shadows, reflections and mirrored images. Every effort is made to sublimate the images that affect him and to plumb the depths of things through painting.

Mirror Me, 2013

Mirror Me, 2013

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